The Most Common Mistakes In Network Marketing

The Rise of Entrepreneurship in the Work from Home Industry–and the mistakes most people make

Let’s be honest: with the economy at an all-time chaotic high, more people than ever before are facing financial uncertainty–whether it’s in the job market or under their current employer–and more than ever the average person is exploring how else they might augment their income. And therein lies the rub, as most people get stuck in a storm of information and false promises and often fail to do anything as a consequence. And while many would like to follow outside pursuits on their own, a number of challenges stand in the way.

Some Can Be Avoided However

Three great mistakes made by aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Lack of knowledge. Last weekend while attending a polo match ( for the first, hopefully not the last, time ) with my wife we sat around with a group of friends as the evening began to wind down and the sun starting to cool just a fraction and one of the things that came up was the belief many people have that to truly become rich ( and I wold define this as financially free with the ability to do whatever you want ) you pretty much have to invent something these days. This is simply not true; however most people do not understand even in a work from home business–particularly network marketing or direct selling–you don’t have to do any of the hard work of investing a product or plan or anything. Instead one simply must know how to market, how to instruct others, and how to lead them. Now there are many entrepreneurs in this field but the advantage of it is one doesn’t have to be terribly creative to succeed, just determined.

2. Lack of leadership. Many folks who’ve come up with a brilliant idea or would love to pursue something outside of their nine to five simply don’t know where to begin. They have no idea where to turn and thus give up before they’ve really begun. Now, this isn’t the sign of a true entrepreneur, but sometimes these people need a push as well.

Like a free puppy

When it comes to direct selling as we mentioned above, oftentimes the case is that someone participating in this type of venture was brought on board by a friend or acquaintance who is likely making little money themselves and has next to zero experience in marketing. Further, because of their inexperience when the folks above them instruct with phrases like “just tell everyone you know”, they do–then wind up frustrated when they not only don’t find success but alienate folks as well. Too many people are not taught to focus on the benefits to OTHERS instead of themselves, or how to make it worth a prospects while for them to participate.

3. Ignorance. Again, when it comes to network marketing this plays a major factor. I’ve found many people do not even fully grasp the concept themselves and perhaps this is why many then have difficulty explaining it properly to others. Look at the below picture. What does it look like?

Though it might be little hard to read for some, this is a picture of a franchise model–not a network marketing scheme. The franchise model is proven on a number of levels–it’s why people will pay millions of dollars to start one, even with the full knowledge that they may not profit for years.

However the person that really makes the money is the franchisor who gets paid off of the efforts of each franchisee as well from sales the company makes.

This is the true power of network marketing–anyone has the ability to be both franchisee and franchisor with a much smaller investment!

So if the system is so great, how does one really grow their network marketing business effectively?

Learning the skills of real marketers, getting a mentor and following a proven blueprint []. I’ve laid out exactly how to do all this already when you simply click the link above.

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