SMS Mobile Text Marketing: Is Your Business Ready For The Mobile Marketplace?

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On November 9, 2011, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The test was conducted at 2:00pm EST and during this period, regularly scheduled television, radio, cable, radio and satellite shows were interrupted as the system was being tested.

The test produced “mixed results”, as many people were unaware and/or did NOT see or hear the test. FEMA itself was quick to point out that in hindsight, the test omitted the ONE most important communications channel where most Americans currently play or reside – MOBILE, and that in the next EAS test would incorporate mobile devices.

How could FEMA have missed the fact that there are more than 350 million cell phones or mobile devices currently in the USA alone, and that several million Americans currently do NOT own a land line? How could FEMA have missed the fact that the mobile device is the most widely held communications channel in the US today? How could FEMA have missed the fact that at 2:00 pm, most people would be at work and unlikely to be near a TV or radio? Globally, it is estimated that there are over 2Billion mobile devices currently in operation! Fortunately, FEMA has recognized its mistake and is taking the necessary steps to fix it.

Now, what does this lesson mean to you as a small or mid-sized business owner?

Have you adapted your communications and/or marketing channels to be in the same space as your current and prospective customers?
What communications/advertising channels do you currently use to reach your existing or prospective customers?
Are you using mostly radio, newspaper, TV or direct mail to reach your current and prospective customers?
Are mobile devices even remotely being considered in your future marketing strategy?
Do you have a multi-media marketing strategy to integrate and tie ALL your various marketing channels into one?
Some Compelling Statistics:

About 25% of current US mobile Web users are mobile ONLY and rising! They do not or rarely use desktops, laptops, read newspapers, except by mobile.
Web-Enabled Handsets: by the end of 2011, over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. In US and W. Europe, it is already surpassed that.
Mobile Marketing/Advertising: SMS or texting is the king of mobile messaging. More than 8 trillion text messages will be sent in 2011.
Mobile ad spend worldwide is predicted to be US$3.3 billion in 2011 sky rocketing to $20.6 billion in 2015.
Note this quote:

“In the last twelve months, customers around the world have ordered more than US$1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device,” – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of (July 2010).

The Small & Medium Sized Business Can Still Compete:

Recent changes in technology and competition have now made the internet and mobile text marketing available and affordable to many small businesses. The small business may start to establish a mobile marketing presence with the following minimum functionality, and scale up as appropriate:

SMS Text Advertising: Get your long-code “keywords” that best describe your business name or products. A short-code keyword is also an option, but I believe short-codes have huge limitations and are long-tem, more expensive. A long-code is your normal 10 digit phone number. A short-code is special 5 or 6 digit number assigned to you by the provider.

Multi-Media Ad Builder: It is important that the provider or functionality you choose includes a Multi-Media commercial ad builder. This functionality allows you to simply select a template that best fits your business, complete your info and promptly generate a stunning “TV-like” Multi Media Ad.

Mobile Web Page Builder: This functionality will allow you to automatically genetate and publish your “mobile” website for most smart phones. You can now link this mobile website from all your text messages that you send to all your customers.

Post Ads on YouTube & Social Media: The functionality to automatically post all your multi-media ads on the YouTube and social media is essential for the small business owner. All your ads are linked directly to you from your provided contact information.

Integrate Your Offline Advertising With Your Multimedia Strategy: Your keyword now becomes your link to your websites, TV, radio or other contact information in your offline ads and direct your customers to the specific coupon or product you are promoting.

Measurement & Tracking: Finally, the software must have functionality that allows for tracking and measurement of marketing effectiveness.
The typical small business person is time constrained, has little or no IT or programing experience and demands a simple, but effective system for this to work. The functionality must be simple, seamless and allow the small business person to master as quickly as possible. The modules must be easy to learn and generate. And all submissions to YouTube, Social Media and other search engines must be automated, so that all the prospective user has to do is create the mobile web page and submit.

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7 Criteria for Selecting a Network Marketing Company

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Network Marketing is by far one of the more popular and effective home based businesses used for wealth building. Often referred to as Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing is essentially a direct sales business. A company will enlist independent distributors to build teams that will sell their products and pay them commissions for those direct sales. How much a distributer earns will depend on how large their team is and how much product volume that team moves.

Despite the statistics that say that 95% of all new network marketers fail in this business, there are still 170,000 people each week joining a home-based business like network marketing. Is Network Marketing for you? The following are seven criteria for evaluating and selecting a home based business that can assist you with your wealth building.

1. Can You Be Passionate About Their Product or Service?

The business requires you to be a sales agent of the company’s products or services, so you must be ready and willing to sing its praises. Research the quality and make sure the product or service is of exceptional value or you will always be defending the price instead of praising the value.

2. Does the Compensation Plan Allow You to Make Money?

How many ways are there to get paid in this company? Typically, there are three:

• Retail Sales – Most companies will allow distributors to purchase products at wholesale prices, sell them at retail prices and keep the profit margin. Some companies allow retail customers to purchase directly from a website and pay the distributor the profit margin.

• Recruiting Distributors – Some companies will pay a bonus for every new distributor that is enrolled. For example, some companies will pay a higher bonus if the new distributor is placed one level below and less if he/she is placed two or more levels down in the downline. You need to know how this payment plan is structured so that you know how to place distributors in your downline for maximum profit. Be wary of companies where the recruiting bonus is the focus of the compensation plan.

• Sales Volume – This is where million dollar businesses are built. Each distributor will generate business volume (BV) from its monthly BV requirement and its own sales and purchases. However, the larger amount of BV will come from the sales of its down line. Pay special attention to the structure of the matrix, as it is very important to how much money you can make.

3. Is the Compensation Plan Simple to Understand and to Explain?

Recruiting other distributors is critical to building a six figure business in network marketing. This means that you will be talking about the business and describing the compensation plan over and over. It is essential that you understand the payment plan and that you are able to reiterate that plan to all prospective distributors. If the compensation plan is so complicated that prospects cannot understand how they can make money, they will not join your business.

4. Is There a Support System Available To You?

In order to recruit distributors, you will be required to present the products and the business to many people. If you have questions, who do you turn to? Your “upline” is the team that recruited you and they should be very willing and able to assist you with any aspect of your business, especially recruiting.

5. Do the Leaders of this Company Have an Untarnished History?

The leaders of the company are key to the survivability of the business. If the leaders have a history of bankruptcy or having led other failing companies, you have the right question their ability to lead another one.

6. Is Training Easily Available and Accessible?

Some companies require you to travel for all training. Others allow you to train online. In any case, the training should be thorough for your business and easily accessible to you. Be wary of any company that charges for training. Training should not be an income stream for them if they are making money.

7. Show Me the Money

The company should have plenty of current distributors that are making money and they should have no problem showing you their checks. If a current distributor refuses to show you their checks, you can correctly assume that they are not making any money.

Network Marketing can be a very effective wealth building tool if you choose a company that will make wealth building easy for you. Don’t sign up just because you like the widget. Carefully evaluate the company and especially its compensation plan. Then, select the one that will put you on the path to wealth.

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7 Steps To Building Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

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It is true that some people become heavy hitters in their Network Marketing business quickly. Take Michelle Alpha Pescosolido for example. Michelle Alpha rose fast; in fact, 6 figures in 6 months fast using Facebook marketing tactics that anyone can use. Others, however, take a little longer. After all, there is a learning curve, and depending on which marketing tactic you use, some tactics naturally take longer than others.

Irregardless of which tactic you choose, whether it be blogging, Facebook PPC, Craigslist marketing, or Twitter, there are 7 steps you must take to build your network marketing business quickly.

They are as follows:

1) Invite People To Look At Your Opportunity

This might seem obvious, but it’s true. You should be inviting people to look at your opportunity every single day. Ideally, thirty people per day should be your goal, if you wish to build a large organization. Don’t discriminate at first because you never know who might be your next big leader. The key is to asking the right questions. I like to use: ‘Would you be interested in taking on a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?’ If they are, then find out why.

2) Present Your Opportunity

There are many ways to present your opportunity. You could do a home meeting (a private business reception). You could give your prospect a video, or you could send them to a website. Whichever method you choose, the key (and the money) is in the follow up. Without a follow up, how will you collect a decision? It is the very rare bird who will contact you first. Savor those valuable souls, but realize there are many more who are wavering and waiting for you to take them by the hand and lead them. You can do this without being pushy. Instead, be direct – meaning, give them directions on what to do next. Ask questions. Do they usually pay with check or credit card, etc. Assume the best. Let go of the end result. If they say it’s not for them, no big deal.

3) Mastermind With Your Upline & Cross Line Team Members

This can be done in several ways, but the current, most effective method I have found is by joining the Facebook groups of the leaders in your organization. If your direct upline doesn’t have one, then join someone in your cross line. The interaction between the group members is invaluable, and when the enthusiasm ignites, the whole group catches fire. This then sparks confidence in you as a leader that you can pass on to your downline.

4) Provide Leadership & Value To Your Downline

Some might disagree with what I am about to say, but I promote other leaders in my organization, adding my downline to Facebook groups I get the most value from, so I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting myself. After all, I want to be duplicated not worshiped. So the sooner I get the people I sponsor connected with others on my team the better. It’s amazing the power there is in building a team mentality.

5) Attend LIVE Events

There are so many testimonies proving that attending LIVE events has monumental value. Many JV partnerships have been formed at LIVE events – so many lives changed. The educational value is bar none. And it makes the validity of your business all the more real. A little skeptical whether your business will really work? Attend a LIVE event.

6) Know Your Product & Compensation Plan

Knowing your product is important but not the most important thing that you can do to grow your Network Marketing business quickly. You should not have to memorize every detail of every product or know the compensation plan by heart, but you should have the tools and resources in place to give to your prospects when they ask. Remember, success in Network Marketing is about being duplicatable.

7) Treat Your Business Like A Business

If you treat your business like a business and not a hobby, it will reward you handsomely. People will want to work with you if your vision is big enough to include them. Be professional. Be business savvy. It will attract like-minded people to you.

Take these steps immediately and do them consistently, and you will build your Network Marketing business quickly.

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5 Biggest Wastes of Marketing Money You Should Avoid As an Entrepreneur

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Have we worked together?

Sure we have. You’re the entrepreneur that’s passionate about your business, an expert in your field but decidedly NOT a business development expert, and certainly NOT a salesperson. Right?

Prior to our meeting one another some marketing “experts” told you that you don’t need to “sell” anything you simply need to market your business. This sounded great to you because you’re not really comfortable with the idea of selling.

So, as we discussed some of the issues that were holding your business back you shared with me what so many others have also shared with me… what I have come to call:

The 5 Biggest Wastes of Marketing Money

Biggest Waste #1: The Yellow Book

Want to spend a lot of money on a dying medium that ensures that you are not differentiated from all of your competitors? Look no further! This medium is totally passive and relies entirely upon a prospect stumbling upon your name amongst all the other suckers who have also spent their precious cash. Chances are you’ve spent thousands for this privilege and received next to nothing in return. The one positive? If the prospect happens to find you more than likely they are in need of your product or service.

Biggest Waste #2: Newspaper Advertising

Again, another dying medium. Funny thing though, as circulation and relevance fall, print advertising rates have remained stable or even gone up! Such a deal! Some other considerations include:

  • You’re never sure who sees the Ad
  • You’re never sure if it is reaching your target audience
  • Not a bad way to build brand awareness…if your a multi-billion dollar corporation
  • How do you know if it’s consistently reaching your target?
  • How compelling is your ad? Are you giving something away?

The one positive? IF someone is looking for your product or service AND they see your ad, you might just get a call.

Biggest Waste #3: Poorly Targeted Direct Mail

Most people, including a lot of the self proclaimed “marketing experts” (who are really nothing more than graphic artists) approach direct mail completely wrong:

Here’s how that process typically flows

1. You’re desperate for sales

2. Someone sells you on the need to do direct mail

3. They tell you how they can make it look really cool

4. Message? What message? Call to action? What call to action?

5. How many names do you want to send this to? You know, it only costs a little bit more to print a few thousand more…

Hello 0.05% response rate!

The correct way to approach direct mail is:

1. Who is my target audience? What niche within this broader target do I want to reach?

2. Can I build/buy a list to reach this niche effectively?

3. What is my message? What are my prospects’ pain points?

4. What do I want the piece to look like?

Most of your time and energy should be spent on building your list and crafting your message.

If done correctly, direct mail can deliver targeted results but it remains a passive activity.

Biggest Waste #4: Radio Advertising

By now all of you can probably tell me what the disadvantages of radio are, right?

  • Expensive
  • Is it reaching your target audience?
  • Is your message/business one that is suited to radio? For example, if you are a Lean Manufacturing consultant do you really think the average listener to the radio is going to be compelled to pick up the phone and call you?
  • Totally passive

One Positive: Radio can provide some mindshare and brand awareness, but is this what you want to spend your precious money on?

5th biggest waste: Complicated, beautiful brochures

Here’s a wake-up call for you…brochures don’t sell business!!

Exception: if you are a restaurant, oil change shop or some other B to C business that is offering coupons as part of your brouchure in order to get people to take action.

Before you waste your money on a brochure:

  • Think, How am I going to use this brochure?
    • Mail it to prospects? We’ve already talked about the deficiencies of direct mail? Do you want to throw good money after bad?
    • As a leave behind? Why not save the money and create a decent website for a few hundred dollars or a good website for a couple of thousand dollars?
    • Your expensive brochure will be likely be inaccurate, forgotten in a file drawer or buried in landfill while your website is working for you 24X7.
  • Understand that these days people go to the internet to gather information about your business your credibility, experience, professionalism etc.

Take Away: If you feel you must have a brochure, keep it simple and inexpensive and use it to drive prospects to your website.

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Free Affiliate Programs – How to Make Money on Shoestring Budget With Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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Did you know that you can start making money on the internet even if you don’t have a website? Sound crazy? Well it’s true. On top of that you don’t have to lay out a penny in order to take advantage of this opportunity. I’m talking about an affiliate marketing strategy using free affiliate programs, where you get credit for products or information that is sold as a direct result of traffic that you send to the program’s site.

Affiliate marketing is absolutely huge on the internet. Giants like,, Barnes and Nobel and others all have affiliate programs to promote their products and millions are paid out each year to affiliate marketers.

So how does a free affiliate program work? Basically there are two ways to become an affiliate, deal directly with the advertiser or go through an affiliate network. The idea is you drive visitors to their sales page and if the visitor purchases something you earn a commission. So how can you do this without owning a website? How can you drive traffic to that sales page?

There are two ways; one is easier than the other. The internet is full of free classified ad sites. Some of these are ranked fairly high by Google which means if you place an ad on their site there’s a good chance that it will rank high in a search if it’s properly optimized. In your ad you give a short sales blurb and then have the link to the advertiser’s sales page. If people click through on that link and purchase something, bingo, you’ve just earned a commission.

The second way to drive traffic is through article marketing. This is becoming trickier because more and more of the top article directories will not allow you to use a direct link to the affiliate sales page. However there are still some that do so it still can be done.

Let’s say you are promoting an outdoor rabbit hutch for With article marketing you would write a short story talking about the reasons a rabbit hutch makes good sense and what to look for in one. You can’t pitch the one you are representing directly. The article has to be informative about the subject. However you are able to pitch the product in what’s known as the resource box at the bottom of the article. In this box you’ll have a link to the sales page.

Of course you can use a website to promote these affiliate deals as well. You can get free websites and blogs at, and Blogger to mention a few. Having these sites link to the affiliate sales page also gets around the article directory ban on direct links. Simply put the link to your site or blog in the resource box and your good to go.

You should take care in selecting which free affiliate programs you select. Find out how often they pay. Is there a minimum pay out amount. Do they offer any kind of free marketing tools? How do they track sales? Just like in anything else, there are good reputable affiliate programs and there are less respectable ones. Do your due diligence before you commit to anything but do use this great affiliate marketing strategy.

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How Knowing Your Customer via Direct Marketing Helps Your Online Business to Prosper

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What is direct marketing? Put simply, direct marketing is a process of recording information about your customer’s response to a planned marketing activity.

Increased computer usage has allowed direct marketing to evolve and to rise dramatically. For your online business, to begin with, you design your sales letter or craft your emails to elicit a certain response. You then test and track your customer’s feedback by the actions (or inaction) that he/she takes. The tracking process is easily accomplished via coding your online campaigns and can be fully automated.

As you gather more information about your customer’s online behaviour, you are able to tweak your sales ad accordingly.

In a nutshell, the internet makes it possible for you to track your individual online communication with a customer and to know what happens over time.

With direct marketing skills, you will be able to acquire and retain your customers. There is less marketing wastage as you know what, how and where to roll out your online marketing campaign for the best response. Having good knowledge about your customers will definitely put you ahead of your pack!

So what are the qualities that constitute a good online customer? He/she is:

* Open to your offers.

* Repeat buyer.

* Buyer of your front end / back end products.

* Easy and low cost to maintain.

* High revenue dollar value per acquisition cost.

* Loyal to you.

* Swear by you!

The reverse is true of a poor online customer. He/she is:

* Not open.

* A complainer.

* A single transaction buyer.

* An easy product switcher to your competitor’s.

* Not loyal.

* Quibbles a lot on price.

* Expensive to acquire and expensive to maintain.

* Low revenue dollar value per acquisition cost.

How then, do you pinpoint a good customer against a bad one? What kind of information do you need to know about your customers? Here are 8 critical but very basic information that you must gather:

1. Who are they?

2. What do they buy?

3. When do they buy?

4. How do they buy?

5. Why do they buy?

6. Where do they buy?

7. Are they satisfied?

8. What is their buying power like?

One way of getting the information that you need is to simply conduct a survey on your mailing list. Hot tip! Make it easy for your subscribers to fill up the survey and give them an incentive to do so!

The same pareto principle should apply to your online business: the 80/20 rule. The principle just means that 80% of your sales are generated by 20% of your customers.

If this is the the case, instead of spending huge sums on customer acquisition, it may be a more prudent measure to spend resources on knowing and understanding more of this 20% segment. Cultivate good relationships with this 20% segment and reward the customers here for staying true to you. (Again, this knowledge is only possible if you have surveyed or kept track of your entire customer base.)

All in, having happy, loyal and satisfied customers will result in a business that prospers. And you can achieve this through direct marketing and knowing what, how and where to please your online customers!

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10 Reasons to Include Mobile Marketing in Your Budget

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1. Targeted audience reach - mobile marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience with the ability to easily target and personalise direct marketing messages to different customer groups. Cell phones, unlike PC’s, are usually used by one individual only meaning the targeted message will reach the right user every time. Targeting customer groups specifically will make your mobile campaigns more relevant and ultimately more successful.

2. Highly effective two way communication - cell phones are with users practically 24/7 and are a highly trusted and personal device. Unlike emails, SMS text messages are almost always opened and read, often immediately when received. The average open rate for text messages is over 90% compared with approximately 20% for email campaigns. Cell phone users use their phones as a communication channel already, so communicating with a company in this medium becomes a much more familiar and easy task than it would be with a traditional media such as TV or print. Two way communication allows you to engage your consumer on a personal level and build stronger customer relationships.

3. More cost effective - Mobile marketing has a much lower cost than other marketing channels. The cost is minimal because the major costs incurred with a text message campaign are low per message costs sent to a targeted and engaged audience. Lower costs means you can maintain budgets and effectively spread your marketing spend across multiple marketing channels.

4. Fast to implement - Mobile marketing campaigns are quick and easy to create and can be deployed instantly meaning you can see the results of your campaigns far more quickly.

5. Higher response rates than traditional direct marketing channels - Mobile marketing has a higher response rate than traditional direct marketing channels, and because the channel is still relatively new it has not reached a point of saturation or distrust in the way other marketing channels have. Average response rates for mobile marketing are around 15%, around five times higher than the average email marketing campaign. Higher response rates means less wasted media spend and higher ROI from mobile marketing plans and budgets.

6. Potential to easily integrate with other media channels - mobile marketing can be easily integrated with other media channels including TV, radio, print, outdoor, email and online to create an integrated marketing campaign. Adding mobile marketing to the mix adds an element of interactivity and consumer participation that many campaigns using traditional media lack.

7. Relevant and accurate customer data - customer databases remain accurate and relevant far longer than traditional postal or email addresses because people generally keep their mobile numbers for a much longer time than an email or postal address. This means greater accuracy and less wasted media spend.

8. Reduced risk of investment - The ease, speed and cost effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign means there is a reduced risk of investment as results can be seen quickly and messages can be adapted based on results with minimal spend throughout the entire process.

9. Highly trackable - Cell Phone marketing is highly trackable due to the ability for customers to respond directly and instantly. Mobile marketing can also be used to track the effectiveness of other marketing channels by including a direct response call to action in, for example, a TV advertisement.

10. Your competitors are doing it - According to a recent report ‘The state of the industry: Mobile advertising’ by Millennial Media, 60% of non-mobile marketers plan to launch a mobile campaign in 2010. Of current mobile marketers 31% will invest between $100k and $249k and 13% will invest between $1M and $5M. The report also states that almost 80% of respondents felt the mobile medium met their goals with 9% saying cell phone marketing performed beyond their wildest expectations. With more and more companies benefiting from the power of mobile marketing, if you don’t use it, you might just fall behind!

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For Direct Marketers, Personality Is Everything

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I’m sure you’ll find this interesting. While recently wrapping up a CEO search for a leading consumer catalog and web company, nearly all the candidates who made our client’s short list had the same personality. Interesting, yes! But not peculiar.

The finalist candidates–four men and a woman–a talented mix of seasoned dm execs from across the country, were representing career backgrounds in a variety of product categories and company size.

In fact, after 12 years of assessment testing hundreds of men and women–senior-level direct marketing candidates for positions as CEO, President–for leadership roles in Finance, Marketing, Merchandising, IT, Operations, I’ve noticed the same thing. Over 75% of these individuals have the same personality and temperament type. So for me, testing this most recent group came as no surprise.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The direct marketing executive personality type I’m referring to–and the one you may not be aware of–is shared by only 12% to 15% of the American population, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This is the standard-bearer of all personality assessments. In fact, it identifies sixteen distinctly different, universal personality types.

According to its publishers, Myers-Briggs is used by roughly nine out of 10 Fortune 100 companies and is administered to more than 2.5 million employees a year. The MBTI was developed 60 years ago based on the theories of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. It endures, because it does a great job of improving team relations by pointing out differences between how personality “types” perceive and process information.

The Right Fit

A Harvard University study found that for every dismissal based on failure to perform, there are two dismissals due to personality and communication problems. With the high costs of employee turnover, it’s no surprise more and more direct marketing organizations are turning to personality and behavioral assessments to help evaluate job candidates, build teams and resolve workplace conflicts.

Think about it. You’re already testing offers, testing copy, testing merchandise, and testing catalogs. So why not your people?

If your business is not doing so, you ought to consider using testing (and there are numerous pre-hire assessment options to choose from) to fine-tune your hiring process and bring in top talent. It may help you get a handle on which candidates are most likely to succeed–evaluating candidates before they are hired. And give you some kind of idea of what makes them tick.

This raises the question: Are certain people genetically bred to go into direct marketing? Or does the very nature of the business effect personality and temperament? Take your pick. In my judgment, it’s a bit of both. “We want to learn more about candidates as individuals,” says Andy Katz, President & CEO of pet supplies direct marketer, PetEdge. “Once a candidate is hired, this same information helps us understand and maximize their talents specific to the role they have,” Katz adds. “And we continue to work on developing employees’ self-awareness throughout their careers to help create an environment that ensures success.”

You Can’t Study For It

In taking a personality assessment, experts advise candidates to answer the questions truthfully, not the way they think the company wants them to respond. There is often a validity factor built in where many questions are asked solely to determine whether the subject is answering truthfully and consistently.

Even if the candidate does fool the test, he or she will only wind up in a job or assignment that doesn’t fit or will make you–and those around you–miserable. According to Bonnie Bass, a vice president of a professional dynametric programs testing organization, “When people feel the need to act unnaturally, they waste energy, experience stress and become unhappy and less productive. People are at their best when they’re doing work that draws on their natural strengths and allows them to be themselves.”

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Compliance Issues In Direct Mail Marketing And Generating Qualified Insurance Leads

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The success of insurance agents depends on various factors. Nevertheless, generating enough prospects is the only way to bring your business up to the next level. There are no right ways to generate qualified insurance leads as the methods may differ from one agent to another. However direct mail marketing happens to be a proven method when done correctly, and there are two main factors involved that will affect the success of your campaign.

It is crucial to target prospects who need and want your services by using the right direct mail list.

Quality of your direct mail insurance leads is increased by having the right list, as it also positively affects your ROI (Return On Investment) by increasing it.This ultimately could result in either a successful or junk mail campaign because of a reason that the people who received your mailers were not interested in your services.

It was only the big companies in the past who were able to design their campaigns by picking and choosing demographics of the people in a specific area. Yet in the present time, small businesses have the same ability and this is a key factor to be able to craft a successful direct mail insurance leads campaign.

It is important for insurance agents to understand that the mailing list should carefully designed to target the right prospects by other demographics besides age and gender. It is a good practice to have further important criteria such as net worth indicator, family position, dwelling type or maybe even mail order or health insurance responder.

This also brings the subject to choosing the right company to associate with for your mailing list who has the experience to assist you on your specific campaigns related to insurance. Whether it is generating auto insurance leads, life insurance, annuity, or targeting the people who are turning 65 for medicare supplement leads, the marketing company should have the experience and background to assist you by selecting the pertinent criteria with your direct mail campaigns in the insurance industry.

Generating response with explicitly designed mailers towards the prospects you are targeting.

The color of your mailer may be black and white, which is one of the many factors. Nevertheless, it is your campaign that has to deliver the right message to the carefully targeted people that will generate qualified leads for you.

Planning your campaign carefully is crucial as to making it a postcard, reply mail or a folded postcard. It may also depend on your campaign strategy as to following up on your campaign with phone calls or intend to generate leads by receiving reply mail for your survey.

However, just because you are in the insurance industry, you are going to have to go by strict rules. This why it is a good reason to be extra careful with your wording, as well as your pictures along with the overall message of your campaign to be prepared according to the regulations and also code of ethics.

It is no secret that direct mail campaigns are known to generate quality leads. However it is equally imperative for insurance agents to choose the right marketing company to partner with for their direct mail campaigns. The company who they select should have the qualifying experience in the insurance industry to be able to devise a marketing campaign according to the rules and regulations. Respectively, offering a laser-targeted mailing list will result in qualified leads as well as better return on investment.

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Direct Selling Opportunities For Women – Hot Companies That May Interest You!

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Are looking for additional ways to create income? There are many hot direct selling opportunities for women that can provide an extra stream of income. According to the 2010 Direct Selling Association, direct sales reached $29.6 billion in the U.S. and $114 billion in sales worldwide. Direct sales is earning a percentage from a product you sell directly to the consumer so how would you like to earn a small commission off of those sales? But…which company is best for you? Let’s look at some hot opportunities that may peek your interest.

1- Southern Living at Home

Founded in 2001, Southern Living at Home claims to be the fastest growing Direct Selling Company in direct sales history! Southern Living has the respected name coupled with the finest quality products offered in home and garden decor. If you love to decorate your home or work magic in the garden, this may be a nice fit for you. Sales are encouraged through home parties or one-on-one contacts.

2- Mary Kay

Want a recession proof business? Women may not be able to afford buying a whole new wardrobe, but they will be quick to buy a new shade of lipstick to make them feel better. If you love cosmetics and want to teach people about skincare or save them money by preventing them from buying unflattering colors and shades, Mary Kay could be your solution to generating additional income. This company boasts very high quality cosmetics and skincare products. Plus, you receive 50% of the retail price which is one of the highest earning percentages in the industry. Jump on board and bring the skin care aisle to your family and friends.

These two options primarily rely on your friends, family and acquaintances to generate sales. A drawback to most direct selling companies is that they require you to place a minimum product order determined by the company. Plus, if you are not the most out-going person, interested in hosting home parties and don’t want to be responsible for a sales quota, you may want to consider direct selling opportunities for women in a different direction. After growing tired of working home parties, I looked online and would recommend you do the same.

3- Online Marketing-Big Ticket to Wealth

Online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth are great direct selling opportunities for women because the world is your marketplace! The size of your family, the number of friends or the people you know does not limit your success. Working from home, you learn how to capture sales online by plugging into a proven system. Big Ticket has one of the best online marketing and mentoring schools available today and an incredible compensation plan to boot. Most online companies have an equal to or larger profit margin than the direct sales companies mentioned above along with larger volumes per sale. They can also generate residual income where you make one sale and continue receiving an income on a monthly basis from that same sale. The two things I like the best about Big Ticket is the integrity and involvement of the founder/CEO, Gerald Van Yerxa and receiving matching bonuses for helping people generate sales…It creates a “team” environment which I love!

In my opinion, online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth appear to offer the best direct selling opportunities for women due to it’s unlimited income potential based on the sheer volume of the worldwide market at your fingertips. You do not need to rely on friends and family to succeed in this business. Plus, you actually get paid for helping others succeed online!

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