Getting Some Skinny on Direct Marketing

First let me tell you that most everything you might have heard about direct mail is wrong. People will tell you that it does not work – that is false. It is true however that people do not know how to use it correctly or they write a bad offer or some other problem. A quick example I will give you is – some people advertise in a packet of post cards that goes out in bulk to area homes. People think this is what direct mail is about. The thing is, there are a lot of issues with this system that can cut down your response. So, let’s take a real look at Direct mail.

Direct mail can be an efficient and effective form of marketing when used correctly. As I said before, direct mail is not sending our some poorly designed piece of one shot junk mail and waiting for everyone you mailed to respond. If you do that, I must say, you have successfully found a way to guarantee direct mail will not work for your business.

Direct mail can be used in many ways:

1. To sell a product or service
2. To get an appointment with a prospective client or customer
3. Use direct mail in front of or in back of your telemarketing
4. Develop and maintain highly qualified leads
5. Follow up with those leads
6. Follow up with past customers and clients

You can send your direct mail piece in an envelope of as a self mailing type of format. You can use a tri fold brochure or a post card. I use letters and postcards in an almost equal mix. I like letters that are 4 to 8 pages and have found that a great written letter can be long and get results. The key to writing any letter is to get and keep them interested in what you have to offer. These are the only type of people you want to read your letter anyway.

As you write your letter, you will want to focus on the people who want what you are offering. I would assume that everyone who reads the letter wants the service or product – now or in the future and if they don’t they will throw the letter away. Now if you are using a letter to generate a prospect, that is – a lead generation letter – you can use a short letter in place of a longer one.

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