Direct Selling Opportunities For Women – Hot Companies That May Interest You!

Are looking for additional ways to create income? There are many hot direct selling opportunities for women that can provide an extra stream of income. According to the 2010 Direct Selling Association, direct sales reached $29.6 billion in the U.S. and $114 billion in sales worldwide. Direct sales is earning a percentage from a product you sell directly to the consumer so how would you like to earn a small commission off of those sales? But…which company is best for you? Let’s look at some hot opportunities that may peek your interest.

1- Southern Living at Home

Founded in 2001, Southern Living at Home claims to be the fastest growing Direct Selling Company in direct sales history! Southern Living has the respected name coupled with the finest quality products offered in home and garden decor. If you love to decorate your home or work magic in the garden, this may be a nice fit for you. Sales are encouraged through home parties or one-on-one contacts.

2- Mary Kay

Want a recession proof business? Women may not be able to afford buying a whole new wardrobe, but they will be quick to buy a new shade of lipstick to make them feel better. If you love cosmetics and want to teach people about skincare or save them money by preventing them from buying unflattering colors and shades, Mary Kay could be your solution to generating additional income. This company boasts very high quality cosmetics and skincare products. Plus, you receive 50% of the retail price which is one of the highest earning percentages in the industry. Jump on board and bring the skin care aisle to your family and friends.

These two options primarily rely on your friends, family and acquaintances to generate sales. A drawback to most direct selling companies is that they require you to place a minimum product order determined by the company. Plus, if you are not the most out-going person, interested in hosting home parties and don’t want to be responsible for a sales quota, you may want to consider direct selling opportunities for women in a different direction. After growing tired of working home parties, I looked online and would recommend you do the same.

3- Online Marketing-Big Ticket to Wealth

Online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth are great direct selling opportunities for women because the world is your marketplace! The size of your family, the number of friends or the people you know does not limit your success. Working from home, you learn how to capture sales online by plugging into a proven system. Big Ticket has one of the best online marketing and mentoring schools available today and an incredible compensation plan to boot. Most online companies have an equal to or larger profit margin than the direct sales companies mentioned above along with larger volumes per sale. They can also generate residual income where you make one sale and continue receiving an income on a monthly basis from that same sale. The two things I like the best about Big Ticket is the integrity and involvement of the founder/CEO, Gerald Van Yerxa and receiving matching bonuses for helping people generate sales…It creates a “team” environment which I love!

In my opinion, online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth appear to offer the best direct selling opportunities for women due to it’s unlimited income potential based on the sheer volume of the worldwide market at your fingertips. You do not need to rely on friends and family to succeed in this business. Plus, you actually get paid for helping others succeed online!

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