Direct Sellers and Small Businesses: Building a Brand to Remember

Nowadays, branding has become an essential marketing strategy for most businesses. It’s the best way to differentiate yourself from others who offer similar products or services. It’s the reason why some customers will always buy Toyota, or are willing to wait in long lines just to be one of the first people to have an Apple iPad. It’s the reason why a simple concept such as a coffee shop can become the worldwide phenomenon that Starbucks currently is.

Building a memorable brand can be tricky, however, especially for small business owners and direct sellers. Unlike huge, multinational companies, you don’t really have the luxury of having an endless budget, as well as unlimited time and resources for branding. But don’t be discouraged, because you can successfully create a brand to remember even with a small budget. Actually, one of the things you can do is understand how these big players have created a name for themselves and how they’ve gone about their branding campaign, and you can already learn a lot of strategies you can utilize for your own small business brand.

Give excellent customer service

Zappos is a company that’s widely known for its great customer service. And you don’t have to be a huge brand with limitless budget to offer the same thing – as a direct seller or small business owner, you can easily make customer service your priority.

In this day and age when it seems that most companies are focusing on their marketing campaign while their customer service takes a backseat, offering exceptional service will really help your business stand out. Go the extra mile for your customers. Be genuinely helpful and personable. Greet them with a smile, learn their names, and anticipate their needs. Engage them in conversation and make a lasting impression. Think about it – when people have a great experience, they enjoy talking about it with their friends and family, and this will help spread the word about your brand. So make customer service your priority, and you’ll definitely be a brand to remember.

Be unique

What exactly do you have to offer that’s different from your competitors? Knowing the answer to that can help you become a memorable brand. Some of the ways you can show your uniqueness is by coming up with a unique logo or a unique tagline or message for your brand. Be creative so that your brand will be remembered. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Always deliver on what you promise

Part of being a memorable brand is always delivering on what you promise. Because of your message and tagline, people expect a certain service or product from you, so ensure that your customer’s experience is always consistent. The worst thing that could happen is for a customer to expect something only to get something else. You want to be memorable in a good way, not be remembered for an awful experience.

Evaluate all aspects of your small business and your interactions with your clients. Do you offer a consistent experience to your customers? Do all the channels you utilize offer a consistent message across the board? This is important because you don’t want to confuse and disappoint your consumers. You want them to receive exactly what they expect to get from your business.

Use social media

Traditional media is typically utilized by big brands with huge budgets, but social media has been an excellent equalizer for helping small businesses promote their brands. Of course, it’s important that you utilize social media effectively – don’t just use it because everyone else is using it – understand what works first before jumping in.

Some things to remember when using social media:

• Listen to your consumers, don’t just broadcast content and messages

• Participate in discussions, and engage your consumers in two-way conversations

• Always respond to questions, comments, and feedback

• Be open to suggestions, as well as criticisms

Honestly, building a brand to remember is not just for the big guns. Even as a direct seller or small business owner, you can successfully create a brand that will resonate with your audience and be memorable in its own way. You don’t even have to have a huge budget to implement these strategies in your branding campaign. Though you may never be able to compete with big brands such as Apple, Starbucks and McDonald’s, you can, in your own way, stand out from your competitors by being unique, consistent, and giving excellent customer service.

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