A Small Glimpse At Online Marketing

Initially produced on basic print mediums, such as newspapers and billboards, marketing ads continue to grow across different mediums. Basic print is no longer the normal medium in which advertisers market to users; now, marketers use the Web to create complex Internet campaigns that include click ads, pop-ups and emails. Compared to print media and television, online ads produce a new layer of advertising that allows users to hear, see and interact with the ad, making a new, multimedia method of advertising. Ads attempt to promote to a certain group of users for specific sites that range from beauty salon websites to luxury home theater seats.

Search Engines

With help from a SE, online marketing targets particular users when they type specific keywords into an engine. For instance, if you were to submit the words “search engine marketing” in a SE, ads would show up to the right of your search results, and these would be for companies that specialize in SE marketing. Each time an individual clicks on one of these paid ads, the company pays the SE a set fee of a few cents. Most click ads have a cost of less than 10 cents per click, and while this price may seem small, if millions of individuals type the words “SE marketing” into an engine, thousands of individuals could potentially click on the ad, making for a costly campaign.

Without a search engine, it makes it difficult for people to find beauty salon websites and similar web locations, and it is with the help of a search engine that individuals get directed to the website they are looking for. In order to distinguish all the different sites, a SE utilizes the keywords found on a website to understand what the website is about and what each webpage contains. It is with the assistance of search engines that tiny websites advertise their product and services to users.


Keywords make or break a company’s incoming traffic, and low producing websites either use incorrect keywords or have little advertising to create traffic. Search engines will use the data on your website to direct individuals to your site, so the information you write becomes as important as the search engine itself. It is from these phrases that a search engine can direct individuals to your site when certain words are typed into an engine. For example, if you decide to type the words “spa marketing” then you’ll get ads including the keywords, but you’ll also get links to relevant websites that contain the phrase. However, only pages that contain relevant information pertaining to the phrase will appear toward the top of the results list while less relevant sites will appear lower on the list.

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