A Copywriters Rant: Entrepreneurialism, Direct Marketing, Marketing And Advertising Awards

John Francis Tighe was most widely known for his saying, “In the land of the blind: The one eyed man is king.”

Tighe was also a copywriter.

So he is my kind of guy.

I’ve long had a fascination with ‘what we are told doesn’t actually apply’ and ‘the truth is somewhat stranger than fiction.’ That’s why I love moneyball. It’s why I get interested in strange theories in strategy. It’s why I play war games. And games in general – to find places where ‘what you are supposed to do’ isn’t actually the most effective.

It’s the same reason I love the entrepreneurial spirit and equal measure direct marketing. What you are supposed to do isn’t always the most effective thing to do.

It is also why I find the marketing world so puzzling. Firstly, marketing seems to be a lot like Bill Hick’s definition of pornography, “Nobody knows what it is.”

The idea that your marketing could be held accountable for the sales it produced was a revelation to me. Interestingly, one of the first things I encountered in the everyday world was the fascination with advertising awards.

The strange thing is there aren’t that many awards or any really for highest ROI advertising piece and why would you promote the fact if you owned that piece – that is inviting competition and knock offs.

When you find a winner promotion in a winning niche with no competition, what you should do is shut up and get on with the unglamorous task of making money.

Return on investment and gross profits are what really count in marketing.

The main reason we become entrepreneurs is the employee life doesn’t really fit us. Personally I don’t think it fits anyone – some people are better at listening to themselves than others. The only real reason to remain in business is actually to accumulate enough money in order to retire and sit on the beach and drink margaritas.

There is no other logical end game to the money world. Everything else is over rated.

It is why I’ve chosen to master marketing and direct response copywriting – they are the core skills needed to really make money quickly and without being overly reliant on manual labour. They are rare skills to master and to be able to write your own ticket is vital if you want to stay in business

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