7 Steps To Building Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

It is true that some people become heavy hitters in their Network Marketing business quickly. Take Michelle Alpha Pescosolido for example. Michelle Alpha rose fast; in fact, 6 figures in 6 months fast using Facebook marketing tactics that anyone can use. Others, however, take a little longer. After all, there is a learning curve, and depending on which marketing tactic you use, some tactics naturally take longer than others.

Irregardless of which tactic you choose, whether it be blogging, Facebook PPC, Craigslist marketing, or Twitter, there are 7 steps you must take to build your network marketing business quickly.

They are as follows:

1) Invite People To Look At Your Opportunity

This might seem obvious, but it’s true. You should be inviting people to look at your opportunity every single day. Ideally, thirty people per day should be your goal, if you wish to build a large organization. Don’t discriminate at first because you never know who might be your next big leader. The key is to asking the right questions. I like to use: ‘Would you be interested in taking on a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?’ If they are, then find out why.

2) Present Your Opportunity

There are many ways to present your opportunity. You could do a home meeting (a private business reception). You could give your prospect a video, or you could send them to a website. Whichever method you choose, the key (and the money) is in the follow up. Without a follow up, how will you collect a decision? It is the very rare bird who will contact you first. Savor those valuable souls, but realize there are many more who are wavering and waiting for you to take them by the hand and lead them. You can do this without being pushy. Instead, be direct – meaning, give them directions on what to do next. Ask questions. Do they usually pay with check or credit card, etc. Assume the best. Let go of the end result. If they say it’s not for them, no big deal.

3) Mastermind With Your Upline & Cross Line Team Members

This can be done in several ways, but the current, most effective method I have found is by joining the Facebook groups of the leaders in your organization. If your direct upline doesn’t have one, then join someone in your cross line. The interaction between the group members is invaluable, and when the enthusiasm ignites, the whole group catches fire. This then sparks confidence in you as a leader that you can pass on to your downline.

4) Provide Leadership & Value To Your Downline

Some might disagree with what I am about to say, but I promote other leaders in my organization, adding my downline to Facebook groups I get the most value from, so I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting myself. After all, I want to be duplicated not worshiped. So the sooner I get the people I sponsor connected with others on my team the better. It’s amazing the power there is in building a team mentality.

5) Attend LIVE Events

There are so many testimonies proving that attending LIVE events has monumental value. Many JV partnerships have been formed at LIVE events – so many lives changed. The educational value is bar none. And it makes the validity of your business all the more real. A little skeptical whether your business will really work? Attend a LIVE event.

6) Know Your Product & Compensation Plan

Knowing your product is important but not the most important thing that you can do to grow your Network Marketing business quickly. You should not have to memorize every detail of every product or know the compensation plan by heart, but you should have the tools and resources in place to give to your prospects when they ask. Remember, success in Network Marketing is about being duplicatable.

7) Treat Your Business Like A Business

If you treat your business like a business and not a hobby, it will reward you handsomely. People will want to work with you if your vision is big enough to include them. Be professional. Be business savvy. It will attract like-minded people to you.

Take these steps immediately and do them consistently, and you will build your Network Marketing business quickly.

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