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Compliance Issues In Direct Mail Marketing And Generating Qualified Insurance Leads

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The success of insurance agents depends on various factors. Nevertheless, generating enough prospects is the only way to bring your business up to the next level. There are no right ways to generate qualified insurance leads as the methods may differ from one agent to another. However direct mail marketing happens to be a proven method when done correctly, and there are two main factors involved that will affect the success of your campaign.

It is crucial to target prospects who need and want your services by using the right direct mail list.

Quality of your direct mail insurance leads is increased by having the right list, as it also positively affects your ROI (Return On Investment) by increasing it.This ultimately could result in either a successful or junk mail campaign because of a reason that the people who received your mailers were not interested in your services.

It was only the big companies in the past who were able to design their campaigns by picking and choosing demographics of the people in a specific area. Yet in the present time, small businesses have the same ability and this is a key factor to be able to craft a successful direct mail insurance leads campaign.

It is important for insurance agents to understand that the mailing list should carefully designed to target the right prospects by other demographics besides age and gender. It is a good practice to have further important criteria such as net worth indicator, family position, dwelling type or maybe even mail order or health insurance responder.

This also brings the subject to choosing the right company to associate with for your mailing list who has the experience to assist you on your specific campaigns related to insurance. Whether it is generating auto insurance leads, life insurance, annuity, or targeting the people who are turning 65 for medicare supplement leads, the marketing company should have the experience and background to assist you by selecting the pertinent criteria with your direct mail campaigns in the insurance industry.

Generating response with explicitly designed mailers towards the prospects you are targeting.

The color of your mailer may be black and white, which is one of the many factors. Nevertheless, it is your campaign that has to deliver the right message to the carefully targeted people that will generate qualified leads for you.

Planning your campaign carefully is crucial as to making it a postcard, reply mail or a folded postcard. It may also depend on your campaign strategy as to following up on your campaign with phone calls or intend to generate leads by receiving reply mail for your survey.

However, just because you are in the insurance industry, you are going to have to go by strict rules. This why it is a good reason to be extra careful with your wording, as well as your pictures along with the overall message of your campaign to be prepared according to the regulations and also code of ethics.

It is no secret that direct mail campaigns are known to generate quality leads. However it is equally imperative for insurance agents to choose the right marketing company to partner with for their direct mail campaigns. The company who they select should have the qualifying experience in the insurance industry to be able to devise a marketing campaign according to the rules and regulations. Respectively, offering a laser-targeted mailing list will result in qualified leads as well as better return on investment.

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Direct Selling Opportunities For Women – Hot Companies That May Interest You!

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Are looking for additional ways to create income? There are many hot direct selling opportunities for women that can provide an extra stream of income. According to the 2010 Direct Selling Association, direct sales reached $29.6 billion in the U.S. and $114 billion in sales worldwide. Direct sales is earning a percentage from a product you sell directly to the consumer so how would you like to earn a small commission off of those sales? But…which company is best for you? Let’s look at some hot opportunities that may peek your interest.

1- Southern Living at Home

Founded in 2001, Southern Living at Home claims to be the fastest growing Direct Selling Company in direct sales history! Southern Living has the respected name coupled with the finest quality products offered in home and garden decor. If you love to decorate your home or work magic in the garden, this may be a nice fit for you. Sales are encouraged through home parties or one-on-one contacts.

2- Mary Kay

Want a recession proof business? Women may not be able to afford buying a whole new wardrobe, but they will be quick to buy a new shade of lipstick to make them feel better. If you love cosmetics and want to teach people about skincare or save them money by preventing them from buying unflattering colors and shades, Mary Kay could be your solution to generating additional income. This company boasts very high quality cosmetics and skincare products. Plus, you receive 50% of the retail price which is one of the highest earning percentages in the industry. Jump on board and bring the skin care aisle to your family and friends.

These two options primarily rely on your friends, family and acquaintances to generate sales. A drawback to most direct selling companies is that they require you to place a minimum product order determined by the company. Plus, if you are not the most out-going person, interested in hosting home parties and don’t want to be responsible for a sales quota, you may want to consider direct selling opportunities for women in a different direction. After growing tired of working home parties, I looked online and would recommend you do the same.

3- Online Marketing-Big Ticket to Wealth

Online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth are great direct selling opportunities for women because the world is your marketplace! The size of your family, the number of friends or the people you know does not limit your success. Working from home, you learn how to capture sales online by plugging into a proven system. Big Ticket has one of the best online marketing and mentoring schools available today and an incredible compensation plan to boot. Most online companies have an equal to or larger profit margin than the direct sales companies mentioned above along with larger volumes per sale. They can also generate residual income where you make one sale and continue receiving an income on a monthly basis from that same sale. The two things I like the best about Big Ticket is the integrity and involvement of the founder/CEO, Gerald Van Yerxa and receiving matching bonuses for helping people generate sales…It creates a “team” environment which I love!

In my opinion, online marketing companies like Big Ticket to Wealth appear to offer the best direct selling opportunities for women due to it’s unlimited income potential based on the sheer volume of the worldwide market at your fingertips. You do not need to rely on friends and family to succeed in this business. Plus, you actually get paid for helping others succeed online!

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The 5 Keys to Success in Network Marketing

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In Network Marketing there are 5 main keys to building a strong and sustainable business.

1. Move Products

2. Find others to join your team

3. Duplicate your efforts

4. Personal Development

5. Communicate with your team

Let’s look at these in more detail:

1. Move Products

No one makes any money until products are sold so in order to be successful in your company aim to be the one to sell more than anyone else. Don’t fall into the trap of buying stock to sit on your shelves in order to earn a prize or get recognised. That feeling won’t last long as you spend months or even years afterwards paying back what you borrowed.

2. Find others to join your team

Find ways to generate leads, prospect and recruit others to join your opportunity and teach them how to do the same themselves. Don’t rely on family and friends but find others, like you, who are genuinely interested in the opportunity.

3. Duplicate your efforts

Constantly duplicate your efforts by training your team to follow your ‘plan’ and develop their own successful teams. As their teams grow so will yours.

4. Personal Development

It’s essential to have the right mindset to be successful in network marketing. Surround yourself with successful people, read success stories, learn from those who have paved the way to success in your business. Always be a student. The more you learn the more you earn.

5. Communicate with your team

It’s essential to stay in touch with your team. Teach your team everything you know about the business and network marketing. Send personal cards, use voice mail, email, text – vary the way in which you communicate. Be sure to congratulate even the small achievements that individuals on your team make. Share your passion and enthusiasm for what you do. It’s contagious.

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How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Business Opportunity

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Network marketing is becoming much more popular and that’s a great thing. This distribution method allows everyone to begin their own business and ultimately decide their own financial future.

However, with so many network marketing businesses out there, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are my top 10 tips:-

1. Choose a company that has a product range that you personally believe in, and will be happy to use. You will be recommending these products to other people, so if you can’t get excited about a company’s superior soap, maybe you should be looking elsewhere. Whilst it may of an initial benefit to work with a company selling products that people you know would be interested in, if you don’t have enthusiasm for the company then you will find it difficult to promote the products to anyone. Select a company with products that you can feel passionate about, even if that means your closest friends and family won’t be your biggest audience.

2. Choose a company that will offer you an intensive training and support package. Network marketing is great because although you are beginning your own business, you should never be alone. Find out before you commit just what level of support you will be offered until you find your feet.

3. Choose a company that offers a compensation plan that you will be happy working to. Particularly, find out when the earliest payable bonus is. The better companies will have an initial bonus that is quite easy to reach and which often will pay for your monthly product order. Enquire about whether the Compensation Plan has ever received an award.

4. Don’t decide whether the opportunity is right for you by how well the person you speak to is doing. Their level of success is no indication of how well you will do. This means that while there is no guarantee that you will be successful, there is also every chance that you could actually do better than the person you initially speak to. Ask general questions about how well people do in your country, how much the average person earns, how many people are at the higher levels of the business and how long on average they took to get there. Remember that results will vary depending on how many hours each week each person commits to the business.

5. Take internet reports written by third-parties with a pinch of salt. Remember that anyone with an Internet connection and a blog can claim to be an expert on any subject, and negative stories attract more attention than positive stories. Choosing which network marketing business you would like to become part of is a big decision, so don’t allow an anonymous Google search result to make that decision for you.

6. Research the company’s performance. You will want to be part of a company that is stable, profitable and has expansion plans. You don’t want to grow your business with a company that is treading water, so find out what the company hopes to achieve within the next 5 years. If the company is growing internationally, find out whether you can take part in building an international business or are you limited to domestic growth?

7. While you are looking into various network marketing opportunities, if any of the companies’ representatives tell you that making money with them will be ‘easy’ or ‘fast’, or boast about the six-figure income you will have within weeks, RUN FOR THE HILLS. Run and do not look back.

8. Speak to the DSA (Direct Selling Association) about the company you are considering. The DSA will be able to give you impartial advice. Check whether the company is a member of the DSA, and at what level. I would be very wary of joining any network marketing business that wasn’t a member of the DSA.

9. Ask lots of questions. If anything is unclear, double-check it. If you are curious about a certain point, ask. Whoever you are speaking to about the company before you actually join will probably be the person responsible for your training, so take notice of how easy it is to contact them and how happy they seem to answer your questions. You don’t want to join and feel like you are troubling someone each time you need help.

10. Listen to your gut instinct. Although decisions shouldn’t be made ‘on a whim’, your natural feelings of warmth or wariness for a certain company are worth listening to.

11. Having a number 11 is a bit of a bonus, right?! You should never forget this one: have fun deciding which network marketing business to join. This is a great industry to become part of, and it’s a great time to get involved.

Enjoy it!

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In Direct Sales – Sing It Like American Idol

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I do it in the car, the shower, the kitchen, my bedroom, on the couch, in my head, even at my computer. Yes, I’m doing it right now.

What is “it” you ask?

I sing.

Yes, I’m one of those people that does spontaneously break forth in song (giving truth to the notion that life IS a musical). But lately, it’s been very specific snippets of song. Like about a minute to a minute-and-a-half of the gutsiest part of a song.

Which is when I realized I’m an American Idol Wannabe.

Sounds stupid, I know. And frankly, I don’t really even want to win. I just want to get my picture taken with Randy and Paula and Simon.

But I can’t decide if I’d take it seriously and sing my best (because I can sing fairly well, I think), or if I’d like to do something kind of “Weird Al” and change the words to a song just enough to rip on Simon.

I “rehearse” my audition periodically throughout the week. Most of what I “practice” though is my pithy comeback for Simon’s snide remarks.

Which is when it REALLY hit home that I’m and American Idol Wannabe.

How is this a great marketing lesson?

You’ve heard of the world famous “elevator speech” right? Or the 30 second commercial? You’ve essentially got about as much time as a kid with ADHD can sit still to engage a probable purchaser and gain interest enough to get to the closing interview. For some people that interview may be an actual sales presentation, or in the home party market: a booking, sale or recruit.

So I’ve watched a few auditions here and there over the last week (and I can’t ever sit through a whole episode because I have 2 sons that would much rather see something more “thrilling” than bad singing).

Ho-LEE-COW! Talk about a BAD elevator speech!

Think about it like this. You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Can you believe that some of these people actually thought they were putting their best foot forward?

I will grant that nerves can take you out of tune in a heartbeat, you can lose your place in a song and all those good things, but this is the BIG TIME, people. You need to be polished, prepared and ready to knock the wind out of Simon’s bag with the absolute best performance you’ve ever done in your life.

So goes Marketing. Only it’s even MORE important.

The people on American Idol have nothing to lose. But in sales, where your dinner is on the line, it’s even MORE important.

You need to know yourself. Know your product and your opportunity down cold.

When I was in middle school band, I played saxophone. My Band teacher, Ms. Smith, made us learn our music in the dark.

Did I mention our band room had NO windows. It was in the “basement” of the school, and the only light you could pray for was the sliver of hall way light that might slip under the crack in the door, but it was so far from your music stand you still couldn’t see the notes on the page to save your life.

Ms. Smith would say “if you know it in the dark, with no music, and no director to guide you, you know that you know it.” Besides, if the lights went out at festival, we had to keep playing no matter what.

So we’d turn our stands around, turn the lights out, get the count off….

And some of the music in that room was some of the best music I’ve ever heard played to this day.

She demanded excellence – not because she was nit picky, but because she knew we could deliver. And we did. Under her direction, we constantly earned superior ratings at local and state music festivals.

Do you demand excellence? Do you know your material cold? Could you survive an “elevator speech” in the dark?

What is your elevator speech moment? Everyone’s moment is different, but the circumstance is the same: It’s that window of opportunity you have to take the sum of everything you are and let it shine in such a way that people want to know more about you.

What are you doing to be ready for your elevator moment?

What do you mean “But that takes work!”?


Sure, many good things come to people that do nothing. Nothing great EVER came to anyone that did nothing. Even the Lotto winner had to buy the ticket.

Working at being great (or being the greatest) may be challenging, but the rewards of being great are exponentially better than doing nothing and getting the occasional “good” scraps.

So think about your “elevator speech” moments. Do a postmortem on the ones that didn’t go so well and figure out how to be ready for the next time.

Because contrary to popular belief, there is ALWAYS a next time. Think of all the people who DIDN’T win American Idol that went on to get a record deal.

I rest my case.

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Getting Some Skinny on Direct Marketing

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First let me tell you that most everything you might have heard about direct mail is wrong. People will tell you that it does not work – that is false. It is true however that people do not know how to use it correctly or they write a bad offer or some other problem. A quick example I will give you is – some people advertise in a packet of post cards that goes out in bulk to area homes. People think this is what direct mail is about. The thing is, there are a lot of issues with this system that can cut down your response. So, let’s take a real look at Direct mail.

Direct mail can be an efficient and effective form of marketing when used correctly. As I said before, direct mail is not sending our some poorly designed piece of one shot junk mail and waiting for everyone you mailed to respond. If you do that, I must say, you have successfully found a way to guarantee direct mail will not work for your business.

Direct mail can be used in many ways:

1. To sell a product or service
2. To get an appointment with a prospective client or customer
3. Use direct mail in front of or in back of your telemarketing
4. Develop and maintain highly qualified leads
5. Follow up with those leads
6. Follow up with past customers and clients

You can send your direct mail piece in an envelope of as a self mailing type of format. You can use a tri fold brochure or a post card. I use letters and postcards in an almost equal mix. I like letters that are 4 to 8 pages and have found that a great written letter can be long and get results. The key to writing any letter is to get and keep them interested in what you have to offer. These are the only type of people you want to read your letter anyway.

As you write your letter, you will want to focus on the people who want what you are offering. I would assume that everyone who reads the letter wants the service or product – now or in the future and if they don’t they will throw the letter away. Now if you are using a letter to generate a prospect, that is – a lead generation letter – you can use a short letter in place of a longer one.

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A Copywriters Rant: Entrepreneurialism, Direct Marketing, Marketing And Advertising Awards

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

John Francis Tighe was most widely known for his saying, “In the land of the blind: The one eyed man is king.”

Tighe was also a copywriter.

So he is my kind of guy.

I’ve long had a fascination with ‘what we are told doesn’t actually apply’ and ‘the truth is somewhat stranger than fiction.’ That’s why I love moneyball. It’s why I get interested in strange theories in strategy. It’s why I play war games. And games in general – to find places where ‘what you are supposed to do’ isn’t actually the most effective.

It’s the same reason I love the entrepreneurial spirit and equal measure direct marketing. What you are supposed to do isn’t always the most effective thing to do.

It is also why I find the marketing world so puzzling. Firstly, marketing seems to be a lot like Bill Hick’s definition of pornography, “Nobody knows what it is.”

The idea that your marketing could be held accountable for the sales it produced was a revelation to me. Interestingly, one of the first things I encountered in the everyday world was the fascination with advertising awards.

The strange thing is there aren’t that many awards or any really for highest ROI advertising piece and why would you promote the fact if you owned that piece – that is inviting competition and knock offs.

When you find a winner promotion in a winning niche with no competition, what you should do is shut up and get on with the unglamorous task of making money.

Return on investment and gross profits are what really count in marketing.

The main reason we become entrepreneurs is the employee life doesn’t really fit us. Personally I don’t think it fits anyone – some people are better at listening to themselves than others. The only real reason to remain in business is actually to accumulate enough money in order to retire and sit on the beach and drink margaritas.

There is no other logical end game to the money world. Everything else is over rated.

It is why I’ve chosen to master marketing and direct response copywriting – they are the core skills needed to really make money quickly and without being overly reliant on manual labour. They are rare skills to master and to be able to write your own ticket is vital if you want to stay in business

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Understanding the Market With Forex Megadroid – How the Forex Megadroid Aids You in Your Trade

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Foreign Exchange Trading takes place when a trader buys and sells units of currencies from two countries and profits are gained in the process. The Foreign Exchange market used to serve just a very limited area of the industry, like banks and other financial institutions. But through the advances in technology, the Foreign exchange market has now become accessible to the retail sector like the stock market. There is a big difference though. In the Foreign Exchange market, trading happens 24/7. The stock market, however, starts and ends at a specific time of the day. The use of an essential Forex robot like the Forex Megadroid is very helpful in today’s trading technique.

A Foreign exchange trader transacts with currency pairs and should always check out trends and fluctuations of these two currencies. Charting out specific data and gathering the latest information would help a trader determine the best time to do an exchange. If timing is perfect, the trade is guaranteed to be profitable. This process totally entails hard work and no matter how skilled a trader you are, it is always difficult to predict the market’s highs and lows.

The Forex Megadroid claims that it can predict specific market direction with about 96% accuracy rate. What it does is, it can guarantee such forecast in the next two to four hours. Developed by two very experienced traders of the Foreign Exchange market, Albert Perrie and John Grace combined their years of experience to create this Forex robot that does all the job. It makes use of the RCTPA method or the Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis technology. The creators adapted this method in an automated way and saw how every trade can easily be done accurately. It is a totally different approach to foreign exchange trading .

The key to creating this advance Forex robot is making sure that the program is not limited to a single market condition. Some Forex robots perform well when market values are at its highest, but profits only when the market changes. The concept of the Forex Megadroid is to generate a short time market prediction using current market data and trends. Markets fluctuate unbelievably fast and so historical data at once become obsolete. The Forex Megadroid is a powerful tool simply because it allows the trading decision to be based upon how the market is currently trending. With this advancement in Forex Megadroid, this software has shown to generate a huge and consistently high profit stream.

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The ‘Beating Heart’ of Local Marketing – Making the Right Tools Work for Your Business

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How to make the right marketing tools work for your particular business

The question I’m asked most when I first meet people in business is, “what’s the secret to good marketing?”

The truth is there is no secret to marketing; it’s as simple as that. Creating a marketing strategy that consistently delivers and that continually grows and adapts to the needs of the business isn’t something that happens overnight; that said, with a bit of patience, a basic understanding of the marketing tools that you have at your disposal and a focused and continual effort you will see the payoff a lot sooner than you may think.

But… and it’s a very big but; before you can begin to consider how you will market your business, you need to have a clear and definitive identity, meaning the business has to convey a clear, simple and definitive message through the marketing.

This identity, message, brand, position in your market, whatever you want to call it is what you are, what you offer and how you offer it. It will lead you to market yourself in a certain way, to market to a particular market; it will influence the message you send out, how you position that message and most importantly it will determine which marketing tools will serve you best.

Your identity should be the beating heart of the business and of the marketing; after all it’s what you are.
Not getting this part right first is probably one of the biggest causes for marketing efforts to under-perform and here’s why; if you consider that your identity will ultimately decide the message you deliver, it will also guide your strategy or plan on how you are going to market your business.

For example; if your identity is best described by quality and expertise then part of your plan or strategy would be a blog or a platform to share free articles with useful and relevant information, something that would position you as an expert in your field. Your website would represent a quality business, the information would be up-to-date and accurate, there would be lots of free resource for me as a visitor or prospect and my overall experience of being on there would be an enjoyable one.

The point I’m trying to make is that your identity will ultimately guide your marketing and it will help you map out an achievable, successful strategy. It will also help you identify which tools and which mix of tools will serve you best but more importantly, to identify and stop the ones that don’t.

So How?

Clear your mind and think about your business; for this part forget about the marketing just think about the business.

What do you sell, offer, provide?

You will have probably settled on the key service that you provide or the product that you sell, for example; Recruitment Consultant, Solicitor, Estate Agent, Car Dealer, Retailer, Restaurant, Gym, Spa, etc.

Now take it one step further and pick which of these, currently, best describes your business;

· Value
· Expertise
· Service
· Quality
· Choice
· Location
· Heritage
· You have a genuine USP that can’t be copied and is unique only to you.

There may be other key differentials for your particular business or product so keep them in mind. I’ve selected these as they are probably the most common criteria for the majority of businesses and best represent the point I’m trying to make, for example, if you were a restaurant then ‘Local Produce’ may be one of your key defining features.

Now think about your marketing; look at your website, your brochures and other marketing collateral, your recent written communications to prospects, recent or past advertising campaigns, your social media profiles, e-mail signatures, branding, logos and anything and everything that is used to try and ‘sell’ your business to your prospects.

Does your marketing honestly convey and reflect your real identity, does your marketing ‘currently’ do you justice?

Surely if these are the key defining features of your business then your marketing and everything that you do to attract new customers must reflect this; if these are the main reasons that people buy from you, they need to be the focus of everything you do to market the business.

Now take a look at your competitor’s sites and try to get hold of some of their marketing communications, adverts or brochures. How do they position themselves and what brand or identity are they portraying, what are your first impressions?

Is the website easy to use?
Is the information on the site clear and accurate?
How much information is on the site, can you find what you want quickly, easily and without having to ‘jump through hoops’?
Are they running any short-terms offers, promotions, initiatives or events?
Are there photos or pictures to look at?
Is there a sign-up box on the site in return for some useful information?
Is there free information available that a prospect may find useful, valuable?
Is it up to date and are the news sections and feeds recent and regular?
Are there links to other business profiles – Social Media?
Did you enjoy the experience of visiting the website or were you left unimpressed?
Are there testimonials or endorsements on the site?
Have they convinced you to go back and have another look in the future? (near future)
What does their other ‘Marketing Collateral’ tell you? (Brochures, leaflets, adverts, letters)
What’s the one clear message being portrayed throughout – Is there one?
If a prospect visited their website, would they be likely to want to open a business relationship with them, meaning would they go back or perhaps stay in touch – or would the prospect leave and never go back?

How to interpret what you see

Let’s say their website was clear, easy to use, had useful or valuable information to share for free, had a sign-up box, posted regular updates in the news/blog/articles section, the information was clear and informative and offered me everything I could need to make a balanced view of what this company is like to deal with – this would make them a company focused on quality and expertise with (hopefully) service levels to match.

This approach is used to gain trust, position the business as experts (leaders) in their respective field and thus attract those looking for a quality product or service. The sign up box and free content would show me that they collect e-mail addresses from prospects, perhaps for a unique content rich mailing or article that may convince the prospect that this company will give me an exceptional service, they know their stuff and I feel safe buying from them.

This business has a ‘Beating Heart’.

If, on the other hand, the website was difficult and frustrating to use, the information was inaccurate and out of date, the news items were old, there was no offer of information or expertise for free, the website felt cold and stale, your experience was one to forget – this would tell me their service levels are likely to be poor, their attention to detail is also probably poor and so there is a good chance I won’t be looked after; doing business with them may be a chore so I probably won’t go back.

Only once you have evaluated both your market and your business, and only once you have a clear identity that form this ‘Beating Heart’ of your marketing and of your business, can you begin to plan a strategy that has every chance of success. Only then will you be able to clearly focus your efforts on the tools and platforms that work best for what you want to achieve and be able to lose or ditch the things that don’t.

There may be many individual things that ultimately combine to deliver a particular message in your marketing but remember the little things all add up.

In coming articles I will share some of the over-riding principles and rules of what to look out for as well as some ideas and tips on how best to use tools such as; your website, social media, e-mail marketing, direct marketing, briefings, events and seminars, content marketing,. PR and others as part of your local marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

Any business, irrespective of size, turnover, budget, locality or marketing knowledge has the ability to implement strong Marketing Plans that grow to deliver results, all within the confines of any individual budget or resource constraints.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a local, independent shop or business with a local customer base, or a large regional or multi-national with customers stretching the length and breadth of the country, get the basics right and you will see results.

What may start as a seemingly basic idea or strategy can soon grow into something far more robust, something that ultimately forms the backbone of your marketing.

Most importantly don’t keep re-investing in marketing campaigns or in advertising if you continually fail to see a return from your efforts; if what you’re doing isn’t working stop it and go back to basics, in marketing, simplicity is key.

It’s probably worth mentioning that a good dose of patience, persistence and hard work is also required; if you are short on time, in-house resource and the passion to tackle your marketing properly, it may be worth looking to a Marketing Consultant to help you; I’m always happy to have a chat on the phone should you want to chew things over with someone first.

Remember, any change in tact won’t happen overnight, depending on the resource you have at your disposal it may take a few months to really gain momentum. That said you will see small returns from your efforts even in the first few weeks and you will start to see the potential to be had from following the right strategy.

Any re-think requires an open mind and the thoughts of a few minds are better than one. If you employ customer facing or sales professionals, get their views; these people will generally tell it like it is and they will prove valuable allies when you come to implementing any new plan.

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Marketing Tips – Direct Response Marketing Revealed

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How are you advertising your products and services? Are you promoting your business name everywhere? Are you using TV ads and running them advertising your name and your accolades? Are you running full page ads that contain nothing but an image and a slogan at the bottom? How are you marketing your products and services?

This is an essential question that you need to ask if you want to have the most success as possible in your business. It all starts with advertising, and when advertising, you have to make your advertising count for something. Instead of promoting your name, business, or even products… promote something for free – in the attempts to get your prospect’s name and contact information so that you can follow up on them.

This is the premise of direct response marketing. Direct response allows you to track your progress to see if something is working or not, and if it isn’t, you can easily modify or change your ad to make it profitable. Leave brand advertising to the big businesses who have millions to blow. You want to be the smart marketer who knows exactly how much you’re profiting in your business, and can do things that will easily improve your sales and profits.

But if you want to do direct response marketing, there are some components of it that you need to keep in mind. For example, in order to get people to respond to your ads or even your sales letters… you need a good offer. You need to put together an offer that will allow you to easily pick up orders, and to start marketing to your customers on the backend.

With a good offer, you make it hard for a prospect or customer to say “no” to you. If your main product is stellar and you include great bonuses that are worth just as much as your main product, you’ll more than likely get a lot of people to buy from you quickly and easily.

All of this can be achieved with a good offer. Eventually you will want to create backend products for your customers, so that you can get more of these people to buy from you. 80% of your sales will come from your existing customers, so if you can come up with new ways to market to your existing customers, you’ll stand to make a huge amount of money with your marketing.

Direct response is something that you will want to do if you want to have the most success as possible in your business. Don’t follow your competitors or other business owners in your city who are using brand advertising to market their business. This is the fastest way to go broke, and to waste money on advertising.

Use these tips to turn your business around today. Always use direct response marketing, and make it a clear goal to attract more prospects on a daily basis using these principles.

Good luck with using these tips to earn the kind of money in your business than you can possibly handle.

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